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MAGNAHOLD Containment Barrier System 4 Pack with Bag

MAGNAHOLD Containment Barrier System 4 Pack with Bag

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Full system includes everything you need for ferrous and non ferrous barrier construction. Set of 4 units each with 2 threaded  rubber grip covered  neodymium magnets attach firmly to standard T grid ceilings.  Convenient cord hanger with hook and loop closure doubles for securing cords tightly along T Grid and metal case door frames. 12 ft. extension pole with compression spring foot and heavy duty base keeps the poles secured. Heavy duty Carrying bag.
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    Spring loaded tension foot for extra security .


    Threaded magnetic pins allows for attaching poly sheeting securely to T block assembly.

  • 3 Piece Head Assembly

    Slip Resistant Plate.

Containment Barrier System Setup


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